USM Group:

USM Group consists of vibrant and dynamic companies in different verticals across globe. Footprints include Real Estate, Infrastructure, Advertisement Media, Logistics, IT services and IT products. Headquartered in Virginia, USA with a legacy of 18 years established presence in multiple cities all over the world. 

USM Business Systems:

USM Business Systems Inc. is a rapidly growing global System Integrator, Software and Product Development, IT Outsourcing and Technology services provider headquartered in Chantilly, VA. We offer world class expertise in providing highest quality and services through industry best practices intended to deliver unprecedented value to our clients. Using our industry knowledge, service offering expertise and technology capabilities we identify new business and technology trends and develop solutions to help clients around the world by providing reliable and cost effective solutions.

USM Infra:

USM Infra is one of the fastest growing infrastructure companies in India with a wide sectoral presence. With extensive experience the company has a credible track record of completed projects across the country along with a number of ongoing projects across sectors. We, over the years, built a strong nucleus of strengths that empowers it with the ability to create infrastructural icons that are not only geared to connect places and people today but also to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

USM Infra has been actively participating in the high growth opportunities offered by Indian Infrastructure Industry, more specifically in the construction and major irrigation sector.

Our field operations are now spread over various states of India and the nature of works that we execute include irrigation projects, roads and bridges, sugar plants, cement plants and Hydel power projects. Quality and time bound in construction have always been our forte. We have never been afraid of taking development to areas which needed it most. And our basic strength is our skilled and motivated team of workers.

Hard work oriented technical and non technical team and also dedication in working experienced team of employees are our strength to bring out the maximum output for the targeted project.

USM Logistics:

USM Logistics redefined logistics landscape in India by making it reliable and efficient. With technology as backbone USM logistics introduced various solutions to optimize logistics space. Our online truck and freight matching platform PIPIP reduces truck idle time to fleet owners and provides instant truck availability to shippers of full and part truck loads. PIPIP revolutionized Indian logistics space by making truck and load availability online. Our full service logistics platform TULIP provides Small, Medium and Large Enterprises one stop solution of their all logistics needs. Our industry leading web and mobile apps gives customers flexibility to track and generate reports on the fly. These apps gives instant status on their logistics and thus enabling them to take appropriate action instantly.

USM Media:

USM Media has pioneered the use of various media options in outdoor advertising media. USM Media offers its clients various media options throughout Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and other states. USM Media is a professional outfit that is a client driven organization and strives to innovate for its clients to provide the best and most effective advertising solutions to its clients to make their advertising work for them. USM Media has a proven track record and has worked with all the leading brands and advertising agencies in the country to implement campaigns and product launches. The company has over the years developed an effective operations management and campaign management and monitoring systems to enhance the value proposition to its clients. The company has bagged various awards for excellence and innovations in the outdoor media.