Go Ranch Farm Plots, Near Aler

Go Ranch Sandalwood Farm Plots & Resort

If you want to get out of the concrete jungle for the weekend then you have come to the right place. By purchasing a plot in USM MyCity Go Ranch sandalwood farm plots & resort you will get resort membership for free which will allow you to visit any time and use any of the facilities like sand volley ball, badminton, miniature golf, bicycles, cricket nets and many more in natural environment. With the free membership you will also have access to the resort building where you can use lockers, showers and relaxing rooms. We also serve food at nominal cost so that you won’t have to pack the food and bring when you visit. You can visit with your family to your own farm plot resort and spend the weekend day by playing sand volley ball, miniature golf, cycling outside, practicing cricket in the nets or any other outdoor activity of your interest.

USM MyCity will plant sandalwood plants in your plot and will maintain them for 15 years at free of cost. We will plant approximately 15 Sandalwood plants in 200 Sq. yards plot and each tree can yield 25kgs of sandalwood at the end of 15 years harvesting period. The present market rate for 1kg of sandalwood ranges from Rs.6000 to 10000. The rate will definitely increase and will be lot more after 15 years. As sandalwood is used in cosmetics, perfumes, fragrances, incense & medicines there is a huge demand for it all over the world. The income gained from the sandalwood harvested after 15 years will be shared between plot owner and the company. Your plot value will also appreciate significantly at the end of 15 years.

With a small investment, you can own a farm plot in resort, enjoy the facilities and also obtain the profits out of sandalwood harvesting and own fully appreciated plot.

Project Highlights Location Highlights
100+ Acres Complete Venture 7 Feet High Fencing Kolanupaka Swetamber Jain Mandir
Drip and Futigation System Sourced From Israel International Goods Terminal.
60', 40' and 33' Internal  Roads
Near Yadagirigutta.
Resort Building and Open Areas Near To Raheja IT Park.
Food Court Regional Ring Road
Outdoor Activities : Miniature Golf, Sand Volleyball,  Shuttle, Cricket Nets, CyclingSAIMS University.