Why to Invest in USM MyCity GoRanch

Why Should Buy a Plot in USM MyCity GoRanch Venture?

USM MyCity - GoRanch listens and understands your future plans. We leverage our existing services to provide you the best lands with an affordable pricing structure. GoRanch comprised approximately 100+acres of open agriculture plots near Yadagiri gutta and Aler on Warangal highway. Our plots are all fully fenced with resort & outdoor facilities such as miniature golf, outdoor cycling, cricket nets, badminton, sand volleyball,and children play area & more.


Benefits of Buying USM MyCity GoRanch Plots

Increasing demand for open plots specifically the plots connected to the highways is encouraging our USM MyCity-GoRanch project work. Accordingly, the government proposals towards the developments of Regional Ring Roads is also one of the advantages to the plot owners.

Moreover, we grow sandalwood plants in your purchased plots for 15 years. By utilizing the most advanced farming techniques and strategies, we maintain proper growth of sandal plants. Generally,we implement Israel’s Drip Irrigation and Fertigation system to increase crop productivity. This modern system automates the entire drip and fertilization procedure and ensures the even growth of sandal plants. The construction of a big water tank with a capacity of 6 Lakh Liters is also near to complete for supporting this irrigation system.

Free Membership to GoRanch Resort

By purchasing USM MyCity-GoRanchPlots, we provide free membership to all buyers. The plot owners can visit the site location at any time. As we planned to build a well-equipped resort, the plot owners can spend more time with their family in GoRanch resort. 

Low Capital but Huge ROI through Sandalwood Plantation  

Growing price for sandalwood would give a huge ROI to the plot owner. The global market price for sandalwood is continuously increasing, as it is used in various end applications such as skincare and beauty products, and pharmaceuticals etc. We guarantee that the profit acquired by harvesting sandal plants will be shared between the plot owner and the company. 

We also stress that prices of open lands, in particular, agriculture lands are expected to increase in value in the upcoming years. Now, you can imagine at what extent you’ll benefit by investing in USM MyCity GoRanch Plots. Investment is only for once but you can earn profits on your invested plot after 15 years!!!  

EMI Feasibility:

On the payment side, if you are not willing to pay the whole plot amount for once, relax!! We have an EMI option for you. You can pay the total amount for a tenure of 12 months. And an affordable EMI breakdown is for sure.

Hurryup! Choose your plot in our website (Request For Visit), Know Facing, Start Invest, Own Farm Plot and Enjoy ROI on Sandalwood Plants