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All About The Sandalwood Tree!

Sandalwood is one of the most precious wood and is very expensive wood in the world. From roots, trunk, and bark to the stems and branches, every part of the sandalwood tree make money to the cultivators.

This ancient precious wood is used in medicines, cosmetics, beauty products, skincare products, and also even used for the manufacture of luxurious home and office furniture items. Further, the extracts of sandalwood is widely applying to soothing the flavors and fragrance of food products. Nowadays, the use of sandalwood is increasingly gaining popularity in pans for enriching the aroma of the food products. Further, this precious wood has a long history of hundreds of years as the best raw source for manufacturing spiritual and therapeutic products.

Let’s take a look at the origin of sandalwood. Herein, we have also gave information on the complete life cycle of a sandalwood plant from day one through plantation and harvesting after years.

The Life Cycle of Sandalwood Tree!

Sandalwood is a parasitic tree. It means that it can only grow by extracting nutrients from other plants. From day one sandalwood saplings absorb 50%-60% of nutrients from other plants roots. Here are three significant stages of Sandalwood plantation.

Stage 1:

This is an initial stage where sandalwood saplings will absorb nutrients from Temporary hosts. Since the sandalwood roots are very tiny and delicate in the saplings stage, red gram is the best option to consider as a middle crop. The red gram crop is cultivated for approximately 5-6 months.

Stage 2:

After six months of the plantation, the roots of the sandalwood plant drive deep into the soil and the plant needs more and more nutrients to grow stronger. Here, we need to plant intermediate hosts like Sesbania or Malabar crops. The sandalwood tree will pierce into the roots of intermediate hosts and can derive required nutrients from the plants for nearly 3-4 years.

Stage 3:

Fruits plantations like Guava or Mango crops will be best as permanent hosts. Like this, the sandalwood tree completely depends on other plants for its healthy growth. At the age of 7-8 years, the oil will be formed from the heartwood, the central wood of trees. Based on the quality of the wood, the grade and price will be decided by the specialists.

This tree grows towards 10 mts or 33 ft up and will have a 50–150 cm diameter wide trunk. It takes 10-15 years to harvest. However, the growth of sandalwood tress in a natural way might takes around 30-40 years to harvest.

Why Is Sandalwood So Expensive?

  • The shortage is one of the primary reasons for the price hike of sandalwood every year. On the other side, the incredible benefits of sandalwood are also another reason that is making this precious wood so expensive.
  • Sandalwood is an expensive type of wood that is harvested by removing the entire tree from the roots to maximize profits. Its leaves, branches, bark, trunk, and roots are every piece of a sandalwood plant useful and costly.
  • The stump, bark, and roots of sandalwood will be useful to extract high levels of sandalwood oil. This oil can be used for manufacturing medicines in curing diseases like cancer, skin care, wounds healing, and digestive tract issues.
  • Food and beverage manufacturing companies are using white sandalwood extracts to enhance the flavors of instant or preserved items. Since ancient days, sandalwood is used as a fragrance in soaps, cosmetics, and body perfumes.
  • Along with medical advantages and ritual uses, on the business side, white sandalwood is a precious raw source for manufacturing musical instruments and rich furniture.
  • Sandalwood is also widely used as a coloring foodstuff and a key source for pharmaceutical preparations. According to researchers, it is also found sandalwood oil extracts are increasingly used for reducing the radiation of Nuclear reactors.
  • Hence, the benefits of the fully matured and fully grown white sandalwood plant are infinite and making this precious wood costly compared to the other wood species.
  • Another reason for a continuous price hike is its slow growth and wood shortage. Each plant takes nearly 10 to 15 years to grow.

Why Should One Buy A Plot From USM Infra?

USM Infra listens and understands your plans. We leverage our expertise to offer you the best open lands with world-class amenities.

Benefits Of Buying USM Infra Sandalwood Plots

Increasing demand for sandalwood plots is encouraging us to create more customer-friendly projects. Here are the most significant benefits of buying USM Infra’s sandalwood plots.

• Sandalwood Plantation And Free Maintenance

We do plantation and maintenance of sandalwood plants in all registered plots for nearly 12-15 years using the most advanced Israel farming techniques and strategies.

We implement Israel’s Drip Irrigation and Fertigation system to increase crop productivity and harvest healthy trees. This modern system automates the entire drip and fertilization procedure and ensures the growth of sandal plants. When you buy open plots from USM Infra, from sandalwood plantations, maintenance and harvesting are done in the presence of agricultural experts.

• Low Capital and Huge ROI

Growing the price for white sandalwood will ensure promised ROIs to the plot owner. The global market price for sandalwood is continuously increasing since it is being used in various end applications such as skincare, beauty products, pharmaceuticals, etc.

We promise that the profit acquired by harvesting sandal plants will be equally shared between the plot owner and the company.

USM Infra also stresses that the prices of white sandalwood open lands are expected to increase in value in the upcoming years. Now, you can imagine to what extent you’ll be benefited from investing in USM Infra Plots.

• Flexible EMI Payments

On the payment side, if you are not willing to pay the whole plot amount for once, relax!! We have an EMI option for you. You can pay the total amount for a tenure of 48 months. And an affordable EMI breakdown is for sure.

• Profit Share

As sandalwood plantation is done in DTCP-approved plots, once sandalwood is harvested, the profit is shared in 12-15 years of tenure.

Meanwhile, the value of your plot will also increase with time. It will ensure double-fold benefit to customers.

• Free Membership To Go Ranch Sandalwood Resort

USM Infra provides free membership to resort facilities to plot buyers for 15 years. The owners of registered plots can visit the site location at any time and access all the outdoor activities, clubhouse, and swimming pool.

Plots are selling like hotcakes in all our projects! Be a golden customer of USM Infra impressive gated residential communities and grab the incredible benefits that we offer you. Contact us and check the availability of plots as per your preferences.

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